Practice Drills

This is a fantastic full swing drill for developing the proper wrist hinge on the back swing and follow through. Understanding this drill is essential to "mastering the basics". 

Set up in your normal posture. Swing back to a position where your left arm is parallel to the ground (9 o'clock). Make a full turn with your shoulders as you get to this position (90 degrees).

Hold this position and get the feel of where your left arm is. Start the downswing with the lower body and blend it into a nice, full finish. 

This drill is designed to help you think "9 o'clock" to get you to 10 o'clock with your left arm at the top of your backswing instead of 12 o'clock.

Rear view of the L to L drill.

This drill will help you develop a 90 degree turn on the back swing. A good turn is essential to "mastering the basics".

Have a club on the ground touching your right heel. Get into your normal posture and hold a club to your upper chest. Rotate your shoulders so that the club on your chest lines up with the club on the ground (90 degree turn).

The club on your chest should be physically over the club on the ground at the top of the turn. This drill helps you feel a full turn and the transfer of weight to the right leg without getting outside the right leg.

Keep the lower body quiet as you do the drill and it should feel like a stretch for the back muscles. This is the turn you want for all full swings with all clubs.

Rear view of the Line Up Club drill.

This drill is a "mini" version of the full swing. It will help you get your swing on plane and learn the proper motion through the hitting area.

At horizontal to the ground on the backswing the club shaft should point to the target (parallel to the target line). The toe of the club points up.

At horizontal to the ground on the follow through the club shaft points back to the target (parallel to the target line). The toe of the club points up again. 

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