• Normal posture, weight evenly distributed

  • Eyes over the ball

  • Grip is more in the palms than for a full swing, thumbs are on top

  • Ball is forward of center


  • Arms and shoulders form a "triangle"

  • Maintain and swing the "triangle"

  • Match backswing to follow through

  • Vary the length of the swing (NOT how hard you are hitting) for distance control

  • Experiment with 5 inches of backswing for every 10 feet the ball needs to travel


This video explains the proper setup for putting and how to "swing the triangle".

This video explains how to control your speed by thinking in 10 foot increments.




Vary the length of the swing. NOT how hard you are hitting.

Here is an example of how to practice putting in 10 foot increments

40 ft

30 ft


20 ft


10 ft 

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